Fraud Inc The Series pt 1

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I felt it necessary to open with this long discussed topic which has finally been solved. Is ALL CAPS a foreign language simply put yes it is. If you are following this series regarding fraud please start from the beginning with Fraud Inc The Series (Intro). This will lay a bit of ground work for you regarding the topic of 2 foreign languages on a contract and or document has no jurisdiction with each other rendering it fraudulent and void from it’s inception. To whom we consider to be our good friend and fellow seeker of knowledge Romley and his collective after 10 long years have finally found the evidence of this foreign language on page 666 of the Chicago Styles Manual 17th Edition. A Manual published to assist those within the system on how to construct a contract and or document. In short ALL CAPS is a foreign language known as ASL AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE.

~Important~ Anything which is spoken will always be considered hearsay unless evidence of the topic is produced.

So go right ahead check what you may consider to be your name written in ALL CAPS on things like your mail, driver license, credit cards, etc. Is this really you? The short answer is no and the long answer is possibly way more disturbing. In fact the living cannot transact with the dead. A corporation is dead right? So they had to make, simply put, a dead YOU which is represented by your name in ALL CAPS. A subject all of its own which will eventually be covered in the Fraud Inc. series. So now you just may be the smartest person you know after gaining this knowledge. Although it is important to remember this knowledge will always be considered hearsay by others and most of all the courts unless the evidence is produced. Here in lies the proof. So every time you see ALL CAPS used you will know instantly this is a language which is considered, within their system, to be foreign to the English language. Most of all if used on a document and or a contract which has true English on it renders that document fraudulent and void from it’s inception. ALL CAPS had been adopted by cartoonist of old to render what was being said by the characters as foreign and had no standing in reality. Keep this in mind the next time you see what you think to be YOUR NAME in ALL CAPS. Welcome to the beginning of Fraud Inc The Series.

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